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Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement MCiT

MCiT recognizes the fundamental importance of privacy, security and data protection for its clients and partners worldwide. As a company with global operations, business processes, administrative structures and technical systems we strive to provide protection in all our operations and to develop strict privacy and data policies and procedures.

This Privacy Statement tells you about your privacy practices and the choices you can make about how we collect information about you, including information that may be collected from your online activity, use of devices, and information provided by MCiT for the purposes of finding partners or employment. This Privacy Statement also applies to sites, sectors, services, applications and products owned by MCiT.

The principles of our privacy

  • Legality, justice and transparency: We process personal data in a lawful manner and in a transparent and fair manner. Data processing activities are conducted: 1) with your consent, 2) in order to honor our obligations to you, 3) for the legitimate purposes of conducting our business, promoting innovation and providing a single customer experience, or 4) for another lawful purpose.
  • Disclosure and selection of data usage: We act transparently and provide you with clear notifications and choices about the types of personal data we collect and the purposes for which it is collected and processed. We will not use personal data for purposes that do not comply with these principles, our Privacy Statement, or specific notices related to the MCiT Services.
  • Data Access: We provide you with reasonable access as well as the ability to review, correct, modify or delete the personal information you have provided to us.
  • Data Integrity and Use Restriction: We use personal data solely for the purposes described in their collection or for additional purposes, always in accordance with the law. We take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is accurate, complete, and up-to-date.
  • Data Security: To protect personal data from unauthorized use or disclosure, we apply rigorous information security controls to our business and offer top-level products and solutions with a high level of data security protection.
  • Accountability for further transfer: We acknowledge the possible obligation to transfer personal data between MCiT's legal entities or to third parties. Personal data will only be disclosed when third parties accept a contractual commitment to provide an equal level of protection.
  • Appeal, supervision and enforcement: We are committed to putting an end to any concerns you may have about your personal data. We voluntarily participate in various international privacy programs that grant individuals the right to bring a lawsuit if they consider that their rights are not adequately respected by MCiT.

How we use data

MCiT collects and uses personal data to manage your relationship with it and to serve you better by personalizing your experience and interaction with the company. MCiT may collect personal information from you regarding:

Customer Experience: Provide a seamless customer experience while maintaining accurate communication and registration data, providing complete customer support, offering products, services and features that you may be interested in. MCiT also uses your data to provide you with a customized experience, customize the MCiT services you provide and the contact information you receive, and make recommendations based on your use of the MCiT services.

Transaction Support : Provide facilities to complete transactions and orders for our products or services, manage your account, process payments, handle shipments and deliveries, and process repairs and returns.

Product Support and Improvement: Improve the performance and operation of products, solutions, services and support, including warranty support and timely software updates as well as providing alerts to ensure continued operation of the device or service.

Contact Sheets : Contact you about the services of MCiT. Examples of contact sheets may include answers to your questions or requests, service completion or warranty contact sheets, product recall notices for security reasons.

Security : Maintain the integrity and security of our sites, products, functions and services and prevent and detect security threats, fraud or other criminal or malicious activity that may compromise your information. When you interact with us, we will use reasonable means to verify your identity, such as using a password and user ID, before granting you access to your personal data. We may also take additional security measures, such as closed-circuit television cameras, to protect your natural sites.

Business functions : Conducting routine business functions, including finding partners, identifying you, making credit decisions, requesting credit, conducting business data research and statistical analysis, corporate reporting, and corporate reporting management, personnel training and quality assurance (which may include monitoring or recording calls to our customer support service) and providing information.

Research and Innovation : Innovative new products, features and services that utilize R&D tools and integrate data analysis activities.

Compliance with legislation : Compliance with applicable law, regulations, judgments, requests by state and law enforcement agencies on matters relating to the proper functioning of our services and products, our protection, protecting our users and customers and resolving any disputes with customers.

What kind of data do we collect

Personal data is any information that may be used for your identification or that may be used for your direct or indirect identification. We may collect your personal information during your use of the MCiT Services or during discussions or correspondence with MCiT representatives..

The personal information we collect from you depends on the nature of your interaction with our company or the services of MCiT you use, and may include the following:

A) Information you provide immediately

Contact Details - May collect personal and / or professional contact information, including name, surname, postal address, telephone number, fax number, email address and other such contact information.

Payment data - We collect data needed to process payments and prevent fraud, such as credit / debit card numbers, social security numbers, and other relevant billing information.

Account data - We collect information such as how you purchased or registered with MCiT Services, your transaction, billing or support history, your MCiT Services, and anything else related to the account you create.

Location data - May collect geolocation data when you enable location-based services or when you choose to provide location-related information when registering a product.

Security credentials - We collect user IDs, passwords, password hints, and similar security information required for authentication and access to MCiT accounts.

Demographics - May collect or obtain from third parties certain demographic data, such as country, gender, age, language of preference, general information about your education and work experience, and general employment data.

Preferences - We collect information your preferences and interests to the extent that they relate to our products or services (both when you disclose them to us and when we infer based on what we know about you) and how you prefer to communicate with us

Social media data - It is also possible to provide social media features that allow you to share information with the social networks you belong to and interact with us across various social media sites. Depending on the function, your use of these features may lead to the collection or disclosure of information about you. We recommend that you review the privacy policies and settings on your social media sites to ensure that you understand what information may be collected, used and shared by those sites.

Other proprietary identification information - Other unique information we may collect from you includes, for example, product serial numbers, information you provide when interacting in person, online or by telephone, or by mail with our service centers, support departments or other customer support channels, your responses to customer inquiries or contests, or additional information you provide to us to facilitate and respond to MCiT's services we hear your requests.

You do not have to disclose the personal information we request, however, if you choose not to disclose the information, in some cases we will not be able to provide you with our services, nor will we be able to respond effectively to any questions you may have.

B) Information collected automatically about your use of our Services

Product Usage Data - We collect product usage data, such as printed pages, the function used for printing, the media used, the ink or toner brand, the type of file that was printed (.pdf, .jpg, etc.), the application used for printing (Word, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, etc.), file size, time marking and usage and status of other printing supplies. We do not scan or collect the content of any file or information that may be viewable through the application.

Device Data - We collect information about your computer, printer and / or device as well as operating system, memory size, region, language, time zone, model number , date of first use of the device, age of the device, date of manufacture, browser version, computer manufacturer, port, warranty status, unique device identifiers, advertising IDs, and additional technical information Pi u vary by product.

Application Data - We collect information about MCiT applications such as location, language, software versions, data sharing options, and update details.

Performance data - Events , print functions and alerts used, such as Ink out warnings, use of photo cards, faxes, scans, a built-in web server, and additional technical information per product.

Site Browsing Data - We collect information about your visits to and activity on MCiT's websites, applications or sites provided "with the support" of another company on our behalf, as well as about the content (and any advertisements) you display and with which interact, the address of the site from which you switched, and other links-to-your-behavior behavior (such as the pages you view, the links you click on, or the items you have added to the basket Your shopping). Some of this information is collected using our automated data collection tools, which include cookies, web alerts, and embedded Web links.

Anonymous or aggregated data - We may collect anonymous responses to surveys and aggregated information on how to use MCiT services. As part of our operations, we may also apply a process to process your data so that you cannot be identified by using this technology with the available technology.

C) Information from third sources

We may also obtain data from third parties that we consider reliable. These data have either been made publicly available or commercially available. This information may include personal information such as name, postal address, email address, preferences, interests and certain demographic data. For example, when you access our applications through a social media connection, personal data may be collected (e.g. when linking to our applications using your Facebook credentials or other social media). The basics we obtain may depend on the privacy settings set in your account on each social network. In addition, if you purchase MCiT Services from an MCiT affiliate, we may receive some information about your purchase from that affiliate. Where appropriate, we may also receive information from fraud prevention services or financial intelligence agencies regarding credit decisions.

We also obtain non-personal data, such as aggregated or anonymous demographic / profile data, from third-party sources, for example, companies specializing in corporate data, statistical analysis and software.

As part of ensuring data accuracy and delivering the best customer experience by delivering better personalized services, content, marketing and advertising, we may associate or combine the information we collect from the different sources described above. For example, we might compare geographic information, obtained from commercial sources, with the IP address collected by our automated data collection tools to identify the geographic area in which you are located. Another way to correlate information is through a unique identifier such as a cookie or account number.

Children's privacy

MCiT does not knowingly collect information from children as defined by local law, and its websites or mobile applications are not targeted at children.

How we keep your data secure

To prevent unauthorized access or disclosure and to ensure the proper use of your information, we take reasonable and appropriate measures of a material, technical and administrative nature to protect the information we collect and process. MCiT retains the data for as long as necessary or permitted by law and as long as the data continues to have a legitimate business purpose..

When collecting, transmitting or storing sensitive information, such as financial information, we use a variety of additional security technologies and procedures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

How we share data

We will only disclose your personal information as follows:

Corporate Transactions : There may be circumstances in which, for strategic or other business purposes, MCiT may decide to sell, buy, merge or reorganize its business. In such cases, we may disclose or transmit your personal information to prospective or actual buyers or may receive personal data from sellers. Our practice in such transactions is to seek the proper protection of your personal data.

Compliance with the Law : We may also share your personal information if we believe it is good faith that we have an obligation to: (i) respond to duly authorized requests for information from police, regulatory, judicial, and other public authorities, and to comply with the obligation to safeguard national security or law enforcement, (ii) comply with any law, regulation, summons or court order; (iii) investigate and assist in preventing threats to security, fraud or other criminal or malicious activity, (iv) enforce / protect the rights and assets of MCiT or its affiliates, or (v) protect the rights or the personal security of MCiT, its employees and third parties located or using MCiT's assets, where permitted and in compliance with the requirements of applicable law.

Notification to third parties : We may also disclose your personal information to: (i) financial intelligence offices and fraud protection services, (ii) debt collection agencies (for outstanding debts to us), (iii) insurance providers or (iv) other third parties, such as network partners, with appropriate notice and consent. If you choose to provide personal data to other companies, this personal data will be managed in accordance with the privacy policies of these companies, which may differ from the policies and practices of MCiT.

Choosing your privacy preferences

You have the option to subscribe to receive communications from us about specific services of MCiT. You can also choose to receive generalized communication sheets from MCiT and how they are delivered - e.g. by mail, email, telephone, fax, mobile or online.

You may perform or change your options for receiving either a subscription, or general content communication bulletins at the data collection point, or by using other methods described in the following sections. These options do not apply to communications sheets that are primarily intended to manage the completion of orders, contracts, support, product safety warnings, driver updates or other management and trading alerts, as the primary purpose of these communications sheets is not commercial promotion.

Deltía epikoinonías metá apó engrafí: Sta deltía epikoinonías metá apó engrafí perilamvánontai enimerotiká deltía méso ilektronikoú tachydromeíou, enimeróseis logismikoú k.lp., pou boreíte na zitísete ritá í na synainésete gia ti lípsi tous. Afoú zitísete tétoia deltía epikoinonías, boreíte na epiléxete na min ta lamvánete pléon chrisimopoióntas mía apó tis akólouthes methódous: Post-sign-in newsletters: Post-sign-in newsletters include newsletters, software updates, etc., which you can explicitly request or consent to receive. After requesting such communication forms, you may choose not to receive them using one of the following methods:

  • Select the "Opt-out" or "Unsubscribe" email link, or follow the instructions included in each communication message regarding your subscription.
  • To unsubscribe from messages delivered to mobile devices, reply to the message with the words "STOP" or " END "(Expires).
  • Contact our Data Protection Officer. Be sure to provide the name, contact information, and specific information about the MCiT registrations you no longer wish to receive.

General Content Communication Bulletins: MCiT General Content Communication Bulletin provides information about products, services and / or support. This may include information about new products or services, special offers, personalized content, targeted ads, or invitations to participate in market surveys or compliance reviews. After requesting such communications, you may choose not to receive these general communications by doing one of the following:

  • Select the "Opt-out" or "Unsubscribe" email link, or follow the instructions in each communication message.
  • To unsubscribe from messages delivered to mobile devices, reply to the message with the words "STOP" or "END".

Changes to the privacy statement

If we modify the Privacy Statement, we will notify the revised Statement here, with an updated revision date. In the event of significant changes to the Company's Privacy Statement, which significantly differentiate our privacy practices, we may also inform you by other means, such as by email or posting about the corporate website and / or social media pages before the changes take effect. The last update to this Privacy Statement took place in May 2018.

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